Who They Are:

Evans Machine Company
Brockton, MA

What They Do:

Evans Machine Company (EMI) has been a world-class manufacturer of precision parts since 1968. They specialize in high volume and small start-up manufacturing solutions, as well as prototype development.

Why They Are Awesome:

EMI uses GibbsCAM in every facet of their manufacturing process, from simple milling and turning to full 5-axis work, mill/turn, and twin turret twin spindle. As a job shop that serves many different industries making many different types of parts, using a single CAM system to handle it all insulates then from downturns in any particular market.
Using Machine Simulation has been a game-changer for the shop. It allows them to easily identify flaws and possible problems long before the part gets to the shopfloor. They can easily edit the part program to improve productivity.