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CAMCO Customer Support

Local, Expert Customer Support

Our GibbsCAM Support Engineers bring over 70 years of experience installing, implementing, training, and supporting CAM systems, including over 50 years of GibbsCAM expertise.

Call our Customer Support Specialist, Andrew Ward, directly at (585) 315-8916.

More GibbsCAM Resources

GibbsCAM Maintenance

Your Most Valuable Cutting Tool

Are you taking advantage of all the benefits you receive with your GibbsCAM Maintenance subscription? Your software needs to stay sharp so your programmers can stay ahead of the competition. The latest GibbsCAM technology and improvements available with Maintenance allow you to program better and more efficiently to improve your productivity, profitability, and competitive edge.

Post Processors

Maximize the capabilities of your CNC machine with a post processor tailored to your needs and preferences.

Having a post processor that meets your exact specifications eliminates the need for editing and guarantees error-free output. Requesting a new post or having a post processor modified is a simple and easy process. Download both types of forms below. Call us with any questions at 607-229-9046.

GibbsCAM Macros

Extend the functionality of GibbsCAM to meet your specific programming needs.

Macros provide accuracy and repeatability for frequently used operations like adding fixtures to parts, drill cycles, and loading up a standard tool library. Download from the library of pre-programmed macros, or find out more about how to program your own macros with the GibbsCAM Macro Wiki.

Machine Simulation Models

Accurately simulate all machine motion–both cutting and non-cutting. Find and fix problems before you send the program to the shop floor.

Programming complex machines can be very challenging, and GibbsCAM Machine Simulation makes it much simpler by simulating the complete machining environment and part setup on your exact machine. We will build a machine model to your exact specifications and deliver it as a self-installing package that is to ready drop right into GibbsCAM. Give us a call today for more information at 607-229-9046.